The Germania Society has many Gruppen (groups) that provide various opportunities for our members to explore German culture or take part in fun activities. In addition, we also have a number of committees that plan and execute our various events, as well as maintain our organization and facilities. We encourage all our members to explore the opportunities for fun and service within the club.


The Germania Jagdhornbläser Gruppe is a section of the Germania that learns and performs the traditional signals on Furst Pless and Parforce brass hunting horns.

If you’re a brass horn player and interested in participating, please contact our Jagdhornblaser chairperson.

The Erste K.G. — or Karneval Gruppe — is the oldest section of the Germania Society, originating in 1964. Our mission is to uphold the German tradition of “Rheinische Style” Mardi-Gras Karneval. Karneval dates back to festivals celebrated by the Romans and ancient Egyptians. The Roman Catholic Church assimilated these celebrations into the Christian calendar as the last festival before Lent. In Germany, the oldest surviving records about Karneval were found in Köln, from 1341.

If you are interested in participating in the Erste K.G., please contact our Karneval chairperson.

Our lovely Prinzengarde is the official Royal Guard for the selected Prinz and Prinzessin of Karneval.  They escort this year’s royalty at Festivals and perform dances in honor of the Royal Couple. If you are interested in participating in our Prinzengarde group, please contact our Garde chairperson.

The Germania Schützenverein was started in 2006 as a traditional German marksmanship club. We shoot 10 meter air rifle and pistol at stationary targets. Germania has five Anschütz air rifles and two Steyr pistols, so there is no equipment to buy.  We have 3 different year-long competitions: Offhand, Offhand With Rest (for participants over 55), and Pistol.

Our Schutzenverein shoots inside the klubhaus in a specially designed area. The group meets one a month. There are annual awards for best shooter, and we have Verein picnics at a local outdoor range with camping (AKA “The Big Gun Picnic”). We travel to Chicago, Peoria and St Louis for friendly compeitions and fun with friends. Visit our Facebook Page for more info and pictures.

The Verein is family friendly, and guests are welcome. We currently have over 25 members and invitations are always open to new members.  You must be at least 18-years-old and a member of the Germania Society to be a member of the Verein and participate in the annual awards. In 2017, we welcome Associate Members ages 12-17, with an adult family member also being a Verein member.

Vorsitzender – Jennifer Baldwin – jbaldwin “@” – 513-375-4046
Co-Vorsitzender – Timothy Findley – tbfindley “@”
Sekretarin – Debbie Potzner – schutzensekretarin “@”
Schatzmeister – Open
Head Schiesswart – Henry Potzner – konighenry4 “@”

We also have 8 Schiesswart (Sergeant at Arms): Brad Baldwin (scorer), Jason Cline, Yvonne Kempf, Rhonda Kreiner, Mike Matacia, Roger Meyer, Gerhard Milkuhn.

General Contact Information:


The Germania Society is proud to host several youth scouting programs, Scout Troop 188 for Boys (ages 11 to 18) and Scout Troop 1188 for Girls (ages 11 to 18). Troop 188 was established in November of 2009 and offers youth leadership training, camping, and high adventure activities such as canoeing and hiking. Troop 1188 was established in 2019 and mirrors the boy’s program. Germania Society also has a coed Cub Scout program for youth ages 5 to 11, Cub Pack 929. Scouting is a great way for young people to get involved with Germania, the local community, as well as the broader Scouting organization.

Scouting prepares our youth for life, teaches self-reliance, and builds confidence. It enables boys and girls to work in a team environment and develop social skills that are necessary for a successful adult career.

Currently there are 5 Boy Scouts and 5 Girl Scouts and we welcome more members and volunteers.

Committee Chair for Germania Scouts – Stan Walton
Scout Master 188 Boys – Mark Pegram
Asst. Scout Master 188 Boys– Scott Questa
Scout Master 1188 Girls – Kim Shreve
Asst. Scout Master 1188 Girls – Deborah Connelly
Treasurer – Kim Shreve

If you are interested in becoming a Scout, please contact our Scout Master.

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