Our Facility

A few short years after Germania Society’s founding in 1964, some of our members banded together to purchase a permanent home for the Club.  In 1969, four families guaranteed a loan that would allow the Society to purchase the 21 ¾-acre property at 3529 West Kemper Road, known today as Germania Park. Within two years, despite there being few improvements to the property, the Society began to host Cincinnati’s original Oktoberfest here.  With the proceeds of those first few festivals, the Society was able to complete its Klubhaus by 1977.

Over the next several years, several other improvements were made to the property, including building a covered pavilion on our Wiesen (meadow) in 1985. In 2004, close to nine additional acres were added to the east side of our property, bringing our total acreage to 30 ½ while also allowing the Club to add new amenities such as the Picnic Grove and hiking trails. The additional acreage also allowed the Society to enlarge Oktoberfest with more space for booths and tables as well as adding a large field for expanded parking. In 2014, permanent restrooms were added to the Wiesen as an added convenience for our guests.

Today, the facility is buzzing with activity almost every day of the week. The Society hosts several of its own cultural events as well as events for outside organizations. In addition to our annual festivals and Biergarten, the Society has played host to several company picnics, weddings, car shows, and more!

Of course, we must mention that it requires a lot to maintain a property of this size and to make sure it is ready for use by our members and guests. For that, we must thank our dedicated volunteers for all their hard work in making sure everything is ship shape for all of us to enjoy! If you are interested in renting any of our facilities for an event, please see the “Host Your Event at Germania” page for rental information.