The Erste K.G. — or Karneval Gruppe — is the oldest section of the Germania Society, originating in 1964.

Our mission is to uphold the German tradition of “Rheinische Style” Mardi-Gras Karneval. Karneval dates back to festivals celebrated by the Romans and ancient Egyptians. The Roman Catholic Church assimilated these celebrations into the Christian calendar as the last festival before Lent. In Germany, the oldest surviving records about Karneval were found in Köln, from 1341.

If you are interested in participating in the Erste K.G., please contact our Karneval chairperson.


Our lovely Prinzengarde is the official Royal Guard for the selected Prinz and Prinzessin of Karneval. 

They escort this year’s royalty at Festivals and perform dances in honor of the Royal Couple. If you are interested in participating in our Prinzengarde group, please contact our Garde chairperson.