The Germania Schützenverein was started in 2006 as a traditional German marksmanship club.

We use .177 caliber air rifles and pistols inside the klubhaus, shooting at a 10 meter range at stationary targets that use a specially designed backstop. The klub has five Anschütz air rifles and two Steyr pistols for members to use. We use an Orion scoring system, and there is no equipment to buy. There are several annual awards for shooting the disciplines, and annually, we host our Royal shoot to determine our King and Queen.

We have 3 different year-long competitions:

  • Offhand
  • Rest (for participants over 55)
  • Pistol

We travel and compete against the following Schützenverein clubs throughout the year:

Outside of the club, we participate in sporting clays and many German cultural events.

Michael Matacia

Henry Potzner

Yvonne Kempf

Jacob Fox

Brad Baldwin

Jenn Baldwin

Jason Cline

Jen Cline

Rhonda Kreiner

Gary Milkuhn

Steve Wegman

Rob Westendorf

Join Us

We meet one Wednesday per month for practice and on the second Friday of each month for the membership meeting/competition.

The Verein is family friendly and guests are welcome. You must be at least 18-years-old and a member of the Germania Society to be a member of the Verein and participate in the annual awards. In 2017, we welcomed Associate Members ages 12-17, with an adult family member also being a Verein member. We currently have over 30 members and invitations are always open to new members.

General Contact Information:

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