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Do you have information about local German culture, events, etc., that you want to get to our members?

We put out a weekly Newsletter and often post some of this information in our German Cincy news section.

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Please send your information as PLAIN TEXT in your email.  Do not send any flyers, PDFs, or other documents, as they will be ignored. We are a volunteer organization and do not have time to re-type the text from flyers, etc. Just send your info in the body of the email.


If you have photos or logo graphics that you feel would enhance the information you are sending, please feel free to include them as an attachment (not embedded in the email).  We can’t guarantee that they’ll be used, but we will attempt to do so if possible.  Any logos need to be in vector format ONLY (EPS or Adobe Illustrator file – fonts need to be outlined, and all strokes made into paths).  If you don’t know what that is, contact your designer and they will get you the appropriate files.

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