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Karneval - Germania Society of CincinnatiThe Erste K.G. — or Karneval Gruppe — is the oldest section of the Germania Society, originating in 1964. Our mission is to uphold the German tradition of “Rheinische Style” Mardi-Gras Karneval. Karneval dates back to festivals celebrated by the Romans and ancient Egyptians. The Roman Catholic Church assimilated these celebrations into the Christian calendar as the last festival before Lent. In Germany, the oldest surviving records about Karneval were found in Köln, from 1341.

The Karneval events are some of the most fun for Germania members, and include:

Höppeditz Erwachen: at the 11th day of the 11th month at 11:11 a.m., the opening of the “Fifth Season” starts with the resurrection of Höppeditz, a clownish personification of Karneval and Mardi Gras. The Germania Hoppeditz Erwachen event is held that November evening at Germania Park.

The Opening Ball is typically held on the following Saturday after the 11/11 event to introduce a new Karneval Prinz and crown him at this gala. The new Prinz, along with his chosen Prinzessin, will reign for the entire season spreading foolishness, laughter, and mockery of any politics until Ash Wednesday.  The 2017-18 Prinzenpaar is Prinz Earl I and Prinzessin Barbara III.

Masken Ball, usually held in January or February, is a masquerade ball set to a chosen theme for the season to allow all to embrace hilarity, foolishness and laughter without showing face until unveiling or de-masking in the late hours of the night.

Kehraus, referred to as the “Sweep Out,” closes the Karneval season before Ash Wednesday with a hilarious funeral of Höppeditz (Mr. Karneval), laying him to rest until the next season.

Our group has 31 current members, not including the Prinzengarde (Kinder, Juniors, Seniors), and we’re always looking for more fun-loving revelers to join us!

President – Mike Rampello
Vice-President – John Hollis
Treasurer – Diane Pegram
Secretary – Carolyn Wieland
Correspondence – Anita Rampello
Elferat President – Mark Geers

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