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The Germania Society was founded in 1964. Although our founding members had little experience and had hardly any financial resources; their huge amount of enthusiasm reaped benefits. Different programs and events soon became a reality. The foundation for a sound and vibrant club was laid early on. So many individuals, too, numerous to mention, have made Germania what it is today. Their hearts and souls have touched every aspect of our club.

Germania50thLogoFrom the beginning, we recognized that a German language program was a priority for Germania and the community as well. It was resolved that as a society with so many varied interests: we could not properly pursue this task. Therefore, a new entity was formed which became the Tri-State German-American School, which has its own principal and educational staff.

Through the efforts of one of our board members, the Germania Society established a radio program named “Over The Rhine Showcase” which is still on the air today.

Also, in 1964, the Germania Crest was introduced. It symbolizes the ideals of our society.

Even before the incorporation of Germania; Karneval dances were held. These initial dances have evolved into a full Karneval Season program every year. The enthronement of a Karneval Prinzen (Mardi Gras Royal Couple) is just one of the highlights. A Elferrat (Council of Eleven) was formed as well.

Our Society’s newsletter, THE GERMANIA ECHO, was introduced in 1967.

From the beginning, one of our primary goals of the Germania Society was to establish a “German House” to serve Greater Cincinnati. This would be a place where Germans and German- Americans could come to meet. Also, it would be a place where visitors could come and feel comfortable. Towards that goal, 25 acres of land were purchased in 1969. The goal was realized in 1977 when a Rathskeller type Klubhouse was built on the Society grounds. Other structures have followed including a large outdoor pavilion that is used for picnics and other outdoor events. These facilities are used for our meetings and events. They are also available for rental to cater to weddings, parties, meetings and picnics. Our property is called “Germania Park”.

Greater Cincinnati’s original and most authentic Oktoberfest was established in 1971 by the Germania Society. German food and beer along with plenty of German music and dancing on our Wies’n (Meadow) and in our Klubhouse guarantees the Gemütlichkeit! Originally a celebration of the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese of Saxe- Hildburghhausen, the Germania Oktoberfest has grown to become a signature event for the German-American community in Greater Cincinnati and all its friends.

In 1988, the Germania Society introduced Christkindlmarkt. This annual event, held at the end of November, is patterned after the traditional Christmas Markets that are held in many German cities and towns. A wide assortment of gifts for the Holiday Season are available along with plenty German food and drink and entertainment. A visit to our pavilion and Klubhouse during Christkindlmarkt is a great way to begin your Holidays.

In 2004 a 10 acre farm was added to the 25 acre Germania property and the members found the new property excellent for the first of many Volksmarches (Peoples Walk) or 5K and 10K hike, which began in 2005.

In 2005 the Cincinnati Kelt’s Rugby team began using the Germania soccer field as their home field leading to the rekindling of the annual Tug-O-War Challenge between the Germans and the Irish at the 2005 Oktoberfest and in 2007 the Challenge had expanded to 7 teams representing 3 German clubs, 2 Irish teams, the sponsoring beer distributor, and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputies. The Germania team won the championship over those 7 teams in 2007

From the earliest days of our club up to the present day; the Germania Society’s strength has been derived from its members. Brought together by common interests and values, our members have been rewarded with a healthy and growing club. With respect to what we have accomplished in the past, we look forward to a bright future of maintaining and perpetuating our German Heritage.

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