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Karaneval Gruppe News

The 2014-2015 Karneval Season is in Full Swing!

Helau und Alaaf!! Or as we say like to say in 1KG, Helaaf! The Karneval season is sometimes called the Fifth Season, the Karneval Session, and recently I found out that in Germany it is also called the Karneval Campaign! Ours is off to a terrific start as we celebrate the 50th Campaign for Erste… Continue Reading

Karneval “Crazy Hat Night” Nov 7

Let’s have some fun at the November Germania Membership Meeting! If you have been to a Karneval event before or attended a Germania meeting during Karneval season, you have seen the odd looking hats that the men of the 1KG were wearing. Maybe you noticed the similarity to a jesters hat? These jesters caps are… Continue Reading

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