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New Hot Sauerkraut Mustard for 2017!

For the 2017 Germania Oktoberfest, we’re introducing our new Hot Sauerkraut Mustard (replacing last year’s sweet-hot), in addition to the rest of Germania’s Signature Mustards, Curry Sauce, and Seasoning!

These delicious condiments are based on the “Germania family’s” own traditional German recipes, and are produced exclusively for the Germania Society.

Germania Mustards, Sauce, and Seasoning - Germania Society of Cincinnati
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They will be available to use on our food at Oktoberfest free of charge. They will also available for purchase in packaged form to take home, from our Merchandise Booth and some of our food booths.

Ask for them by name: Germania’s Signature Mustard, Curry Sauce, and Seasoning — they make excellent gifts!

Germania’s Signature Mustards, Curry Sauce, and Oktoberfest Chicken Seasoning — take some home and keep Germania flavor in your kitchen all year round.

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